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Welcome to your very own one-stop website for everyone living and working in Colchester and the surrounding areas! 🎉 We're passionate about building useful services for you - have a look at the features coming your way.

Local businesses, charities and good causes** directly benefit from our services, attracting new customers, enhancing visibility, and participating in a mutually beneficial B2B Network that fosters growth and profit.

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Our Roadmap

We are currently working on the following community and business services, some of which are being used by a small group of testers. Our goal is to start accepting new members in August 2023. We are not going to stop with these features though and we what to know what services and features you would like us to add.

Free Personal Membership Plan

For people who live and work in Colchester. You can join our free personal membership plan. We thought about charging a small subscription fee for this, but have decided instead to start a patreon page instead for those who want to support us as individuals.

Prize Draw

Each month we will hold a prize draw or a competition. Prizes are currently £50 each month, but as we progress we want to increase this dramatically. Competitions will be held such as photography, short stories, and treasure hunts.

Events Calendar

We will keep a fully stocked list of local events, crammed with as many interesting things to do in the Colchester area that we can find. Tell us your interests and we will send you timely notifications so you never miss something exciting to do.

Job Board

We are working on a new kind of job board. It is a little under wraps at the moment, but suffice to say, it's a complete game changer people looking for both businesses looking for new staff and people looking for new work.

Business Pages

Local businesses and organisations spend millions each year promoting their business news, products and services. We want to help them increase their brand awareness and generate more sales while spending less spend.

Find a Tradesmen

We will connect you with the best tradesmen for the job; from a house extension to fixing your kettle. With our transparent quality approval process you can make decisions to select the right tradesmen based on more than just price.

Family and Business Services

We are looking to partner with some of the best solicitors, accountants, mortgage brokers and insurance providers Colchester has to offer. Choosing or switching to our business partners is a win/win for everyone.

Lost and Found

It's a horrible feeling when your pet goes missing. Our Lost and Found will help to find lost pets and other items such as keys, jewellery, wallets and more. We will also broadcast messages in geographic zones to help raise awareness.

Parenting Services

We have several ideas to explore such as such as: parent connect (community), learn (courses), play (fun activities), coach (personalised and professional coaching), and review (unbiased reviews of products and services).

Healthy Eating and Fitness

Introducing a place for healthy recipes, fitness plans and schedules combined with membership rewards for staying the course with our achievement plans. Pair up with others that share the same goals for added motivation.

Civic Surveys & Activities

Help to shape Colchester by making your opinion really count. When did you last get involved in activities such as litter picking, volunteering or community gardening? We can make Colchester an even better place to live, work and play.

Dating & Socialising

How many times have you been out and about and wished you had someone to share the experience with? We are building a dating and socialising feature that will allow you to meet new people and make new friends.

Free Prize Draw & Newsletter

Subscribe to our newsletter and you will be automatically entered into our free prize draw. We want to share our latest news, progress and plans with you so you can stay updated with our latest activities in the short and medium term.

  • £50
    Pizza Express Gift Card

    31st May, 2023

  • £50
    John Lewis & Partners Beauty Gift Card

    30th April, 2023

  • £100
    Marks & Spencer Gift Card

    31st March, 2023

  • £50
    Tesco Gift Card

    28th February, 2023

  • £50
    Miller & Carter Gift Card

    31st January, 2023

  • £100
    Fenwick Gift Card

    31st December, 2022

  • £100
    Majestic Wine Gift Card

    30th November, 2022

  • £100
    Waitrose Gift Card

    31st October, 2022

  • £50

    Fenwick Gift Card

    30th September, 2022

Join our team

We want to increase the size of our project team. Please apply to join if you would like more information, and get involved

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  • Oliver Gifford

    Oliver Gifford

    Project Management Consultant

  • Abiodun Araba

    Abiodun Araba

    Data Scientist

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Why join our team?

We believe that a local website built to deliver services for our community is a powerful way to help our community come together. By offering features that benefit local businesses to generate an income, we be able to fund local good causes and charities. Our ambition is to create a platform that will be used by everyone in Colchester, and we need your help to make it happen. Join our team to have your say in the services we offer, and help us with various administrative duties and marketing activities. We will also meet up socially to discuss our progress and plan our next steps.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Email us here, or call 01206-848428 during normal office hours.

What's the purpose of the Colchester Website?
Our goal is to provide a range of useful services that help to enhance our quality of life living in Colchester.
**Will all profit go to local charities and good causes?
Solve With Software Ltd, a software development company based in Colchester, is responsible for delivering the technical and software engineering resources to create and support the Colchester Website. We will set up a Community Interest Company (CIC) and transfer ownership to the CIC. We need to be sure that we have something worthwhile before we create the CIC. As a Community Interests Company (CIC)**, we're all about giving back. That's why every penny of our profit will go straight to local charities and good causes. 🌟
Do you want to join our project team?
We are looking for more people who want to get involved - if you have a particular skill set that might benefit our project and some time to help, please contact us for more information.
What are our plans for the next few months?
We are currently running an alpha version of the website, so it is not fully ready yet. However, things are moving quickly, and we want to be in beta by April and Version 1 by the end of 2023.
What is our vision?
We want to provide some great services that people and businesses enjoy using and benefit from and simultaneously generate significant The Colchester Website is your one-stop platform for valuable services, local businesses, events, and more in the Colchester area. Join us in our mission to bring Colchester together and make a difference in the community. subscriptions that can be spent in Colchester for good causes, charities and other organisations.
How many people do we want to join the Colchester Website?
We want 10,000 people to subscribe in the next 24 months. These are free accounts, but we will also run a Patreon page for those who want to support us as individuals. With 10,000 people, we will become a known brand in Colchester.
Who are we affiliated with?
We are not affiliated with any political parties or religious groups.