What's New

26rd June, Newsletter Page
A newsletter page has been added to the website as an atomic page to increase the likelyhood of newsletter signups (i.e. no other distractions). This page will be used to collect email addresses and first name for our newsletter.
March, April, May: App and website now separated.
The app and website have been separated. The app is now hosted as "app" subdomain.
17th Feb, Membership System
We have almost finished the membership system. Personal accounts are free, although we will be adding Patreon for those that want to boost our effort! On registration, we have decided to take first name, last name, email and mobile number. Without these you cannot register - we are interested in quality rather than quantity and want to reduce duplicate accounts and spam accounts.
14th Feb, Roadmap
We have released our official roadmap. The first feature will be our treasure map for our prize draws - more on this soon. Next we will introduce an events calendar, and you will be able to signal what you are interested in and we will keep you informed of events that you might be interested in.