August Progress Update

August Progress Update

It's been a busy month

We have:

  • Started merging the public and membership sites together
  • Completed core features such as profile management, sign-up, sign-in, change password etc.
  • Completed core administration features, such as user management, blog management, media management etc.
  • Created a blog feature
  • Completed 60% of the Groups feature
  • Started the Find a Business feature
  • Performed a large number of website optimisations for performance and SEO.

Next month

Next month our priority tasks include:

  • Finishing the Groups feature.
  • Adding more blog posts about what we want to achieve with the Colchester Website.
  • Implementing a membership invitation feature.
  • Starting the CIC formation process.
  • Adding a new members-only free prize draw feature.
  • Enhance the blog and articles feature.

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