For those of you who don't already know, at the top end of Greenstead Estate, running parallel to Harwich Road, there's a large grassy area with a wood in the centre. These are known as Greenstead Slopes and Ghost Wood. This is a beautiful environment where you can always find plenty of flora and fauna, but it hasn't always been that way.

Colchester Greenstead Bluebells

A few years ago the entire field was covered in litter, and the woods and Porter's Brook which runs behind it were a dumping ground for old mattresses, broken furniture and even rusty motorbike frames. Local dog walkers became fed up with the mess and saw a great deal of potential, in the area. They began picking up the litter and contacted Colchester Borough Council for help with removing the larger items. The team came up with a name for the ongoing community project, and it's now known as "Keep The Green Clean".

After an awful lot of hard work, and with the support of the local street warden, this area has now won awards from Colchester in Bloom and was nominated for an award from Colchester Borough Homes.

All of the litter pickers are residents who volunteer their time to make the Slopes and the Wood for all to enjoy. In the past they've held a Dog Awareness Day to try to educate people about picking up after their pets, as well as a Planting Day when hundreds of crocus, snowdrop and daffodil bulbs were placed around the trees and along the edge of the slopes. The area will look fantastic in the spring.

Colchester Greenstead Ghost Wood.

The next event will be a Tree Planting Day, in March (date TBC). The Woodland Trust very kindly agreed to donate 30 saplings; 10 silver birch, 10 rowan and 10 wild cherry; for Keep The Green Clean to plant a new copse adjacent to the existing wood. This is in keeping with the groups plan to create a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy.

While 30 saplings is a nice donation, ideally they'd like to have a few more. If anyone has any saplings which they'd like to donate to the copse project they'd be much appreciated. This new copse will create a brand new area which would encourage even more birds and other wildlife to the established meadow.

The "Keep The Green Clean" team will need to know the tree species and how many you'd like to donate before the planting day, so if you have any saplings to offer, please use the form below to contact us.

  1. Written By Karen Waddy from Keep The Green Clean
    Keep The Green Clean is a litter-picking project on Greenstead. We're always looking for volunteers to help to keep the area tidy. We'd also like to encourage local schools, families and groups to enjoy the slopes and woods as it's a wonderful environment full of 'real nature'.

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